Milorad Pavic- Unique Item


I received a threatening letter today. It had a regular postal sign stamped upon it. It was sent from our town. It reads:

Like a glass upon the table and a slice of drunken bread, so your tomorrow stands before you… You can stretch out your hand and take it, determine its colour in the light, bite it and be intoxicated with it in advance. Like pillars of cold and hot scents in a sunny forest the hours of your tomorrow can already be seen today. And they can be counted like ribs. Just stretch out your hand and your finger is in his wound.

But you rather take nets and makeshifts, stretch out your tongue to see if it’s raining, depart beneath the swift shade of a cloud, sit in your heart and instead of your own hunt another’s tomorrow. As matters stand with you, better a sparrow in the bush than a bird in the hand.”

All in all, that observing of tomorrow now reminds me of somebody. Of the ”Symptom House” and Klozewitz. He offers the future today, and I seem to be threatened here for interfering in his business and ”hunting another’s tomorrow instead of my own.”


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