The Ball of Time


Time is like the soul. It has its auras in the form of balls which are contained one in the other and at the bottom it holds (as the Universe holds the Earth) its heavy body.

The outer aromatic and transparent layer in the Ball of Time is eternity. It is connected by light to God, and by one bar of music to the future, which it holds beneath itself as the next, lower layer, or layer inside the Ball of Time. That layer-future is also transparent. Beneath it is a see-through layer of deepest, unhistorical past: it is the unhistorical body of time and it touches the most distant future just as East and West touch upon this Earth. Under this layer is a nontransparent one containing the historical past, or historical time. At the bottom of the Ball of Time is the hard personal time of our lives, the nontransparent core of the present, that which our clocks measure and lose.



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