Unique Item


”Man is not made of water, as they usually say, but of thirst,” said the little man from the semidarkness, ”but there are other important energies present in life as well, such as fear, heat, hunger, pain, and so on. They form something like a forgotten language. Memories of the deceased are not made of the recollections of physical objects, for they no longer have any idea of what that might be at all, but become recollections of the ”energies” that drove them through life. That’s why there is this link between the living and the dead. It is the joint non-materialistic build of the ones and the others , and that is why two worlds can touch there- this world and the other. Therefore, write down all your energies on a piece of paper as they come to mind and, without changing the order, mark them with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Don’t forget love, hatred, joy and sadness, scents and stenches. That will be important for the further procedure…”



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